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The Method

After more than 15 years working as a Psychologist and Transpersonal Psychotherapist I have created the MACMA METHOD a tool for us to conquer the game of our lives.

Life is a game without beginning or end, at every moment it shows you what you have to do and go through screens, learning lessons, if you don't overcome them, it repeats them to you, although things are also lost along the way. The ones that you choose to lose, the time that you choose to take to react and put the value plus all the necessary resources so that this situation does not happen again.

The MACMA  METHOD represents a 100% paradigm shift, a new way of perceiving yourself and the world internally and externally.

One of the objectives of the MACMA METHOD  is to master the game of life through the testing tool. This test is attractive, enriching and fun because it provides the opportunity to master a skill that all human beings have and that helps to solve difficulties, overcome obstacles, overcome challenges, pass screens, discover new things about oneself.

Since I get up in the morning I ask my body:

What blocks have I had in dreams? If I find any I watch and release.

I also ask for things for myself, I write the letter to the wise men every day.

I ask: What do I want and what limits me to get it, what prevents me from getting it? I look for the lock, find it and release it.

And life as if by magic grants it to me, caused by the sum of self-observation and the synchronicities of life.

Using testing as a habit for myself I feel internal rewards and integral well-being. But what is testing and how does it work? Testing is the main tool of the MACMA METHOD and from the beginning of the training you will notice the changes that occur in your life when interacting with others, you will feel that something is happening in the new way of relating. You will feel a positive influence for you, your family, your environment, the planet, the cosmos. I'll explain it to you with an analogy. When you are born you are complete and in the first 7 years of your life you absorb, download and install the programs of your parents,  your culture, your environment, etc... that distance you from being, from your gist, that's the initial database file. From the age of 7, all these programs are already installed inside, that programming indicates how they are going to respond, act in the face of life. Testing acts as  "emotional antivirus" and through the MACMA METHOD you will learn to use, detect and uninstall acquired patterns to make room for the new and consequently expand.

It's up to you,  to put the resources where you think is the most important thing in your life,

walking in outdated life or deprogramming yourself from everything that does not belong to you to find the being that you are, is a way back home, to BEING.

The challenge, the challenge that I propose is with yourself, it will be a personal learning. You will have your autonomy, freedom. Waking up is starting to know yourself, when you know yourself, the challenge is self-transformation. It doesn't matter what you are, the important thing is what you are going to become. You will work with your shadows, your fears, what paralyzes you, search, find and release the beginning of a new life.

The MACMA METHOD training is structured and staggered so that everyone can choose their own adventure. Depending on what types of challenges you want to have in your life so I have designed the workouts and levels to reach your goal.

You will be the one who makes the decision at each moment of how far you want to go and that will give you a result   that you will see from the first day of the training. I will accompany you and we will put the resources so that the place where you want to be is accessible to you, and once you reach that place I will release you and you will be the one who supports yourself.

In this training we will work on specific areas, your personal harmony, your relationship as a couple, and your relationship with your children.

Little by little you will see that the rest of the areas of your life will open up since we are focusing on the root of your tree and from here all your strong branches will emerge with good roots to be able to face life with emotional responsibility.

Many times you don't look at the roots because you don't see them and you think they don't exist.

Are you up for the trip?

phone: +34 615 327 461

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