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We will learn the Systemic Keys of Accompaniment, guaranteeing in our therapeutic relationships a link of Health, Empowerment and Evolution for therapist and client, avoiding the possibility of models of Dependence, Weakening and/or Stagnation.


Know the Strengthening Systemic Laws for Client and Therapist

MACMA3  Optimization of the Therapeutic Link as a Health Tool

There are currently studies indicating that personal differences between therapists are responsible for up to 40% of the variance in results (Crists-Christoph & Mintz, 1991; Luborzky et al., 1997; Lutz et al., 2007).

Many therapies put the focus of attention on the client and on the therapeutic tools required, as if they were the only elements involved. Our training as therapists and our personal characteristics and the type of bond that is opened with the client can condition our vision of the subject, the possible solutions that we offer and the possible successes that we achieve with the client. For this reason we find it vitally important to accompany the therapist to become aware of himself in the therapeutic relationship and to learn to voluntarily manage his gifts and his influence towards the client, managing to develop a healthy bond that without effort will generate a spontaneous development in the health of the client. customer.

In the MACMA 3 Module we will learn, from the perspective of Family Constellations, the laws of life that guarantee healthy and empowered accompaniment for both the therapist and the client, in order to generate strengthening bonds and develop health in all parties and participants. .

What do the participants think?


Lídia, psychologist

"To start at the beginning, I'll tell you that I started the workshop with distrust, very forewarned. On the one hand, I trusted in the usefulness of the tool because I knew it and had experienced it through you, but I refused to incorporate it into my life from me, making autonomous use of it. The truth is that I thought I would go crazy... And for me it has been much more than learning the use of testing, incorporating it into my life has been a journey of self-knowledge, of relocating myself in the world, and how I already told you, to recognize myself as part of something infinitely larger and at the same time to recognize myself, to be autonomous in a deep connection with all the beings that surround me. I feel that the old structures have been broken, the old schemes from which that I had learned to support myself, to move through life from fear, rationalization, external attention and compensation for deficiencies. And in this process I feel that the time and your accompaniment were sufficient, fair and respectful."
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