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For people who have integrated the Macma method in themselves and wish to share it, being able to contribute to the Expansion of Health in other people and for the development of public and private organizations of Services, Health and Education in our Society and Culture.


Training of Macma Trainers and Network of Macma Professionals

“The therapist's responsibility is to function as a person, that is, to remain basically human. This is your triumph” (Minuchin, S and Nichols, MP year 1993).

This training It is an invitation to the Therapist to make a commitment not only with his task and the client but with himself. We believe that the personal exploration of the therapist is a necessary resource to guarantee the honesty required in therapeutic work. The therapist before being a healer is a person.

Due to the action of the mirror neurons, an act of resonance is produced that reproduces in the client what we feel in ourselves. We believe that it is necessary to keep the focus on the therapist in the person of the therapist as well as in his tools and in the client, since from him, from the availability of his clarity, his intuition, his empathy, his vital present and his personality... , the health process for the client will be conveyed, regardless of the therapeutic tools that are enabled. With this program we will accompany the therapist to bring out their complete innate resources, and they will be empowered to acquire a self-supervision tool that will allow them to maintain their maximum clarity and management in the From Where they are accompanying clients throughout their process, allowing them to manage their therapeutic relationship with their clients with full knowledge, mastery and power at the service of the safety and success of the client's therapeutic process.

In these workshops we will work with the Person of the therapist and the therapist-client bond.  The methodology used is interactive and experiential. 3 modules will be carried out to learn and deepen the MACMA tool.

What do the participants think?


Lídia, psychologist

"To start at the beginning, I'll tell you that I started the workshop with distrust, very forewarned. On the one hand, I trusted in the usefulness of the tool because I knew it and had experienced it through you, but I refused to incorporate it into my life from me, making autonomous use of it. The truth is that I thought I would go crazy... And for me it has been much more than learning the use of testing, incorporating it into my life has been a journey of self-knowledge, of relocating myself in the world, and how I already told you, to recognize myself as part of something infinitely larger and at the same time to recognize myself, to be autonomous in a deep connection with all the beings that surround me. I feel that the old structures have been broken, the old schemes from which that I had learned to support myself, to move through life from fear, rationalization, external attention and compensation for deficiencies. And in this process I feel that the time and your accompaniment were sufficient, fair and respectful."
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