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For mothers or fathers


Within Nosotr@s we are a Sensitive Being, in some therapeutic currents it is called the Inner Child, in others, the Essence, the Soul, the Spirit... Each one of us is a Unique Being and we need to Live our Life being seen. s, legitimate @ s and accompanied @ s by One @ Same @ Always. When we begin to accompany a @ daughter @, when we clearly perceive their needs, sometimes we replace accompanying ourselves with accompanying @ them @, and internally our Sensitive Being begins to feel jealous, feel dissatisfied, angry, tired... Only from giving ourselves a complete space while we are accompanying the other Beings, we will be able to feel at peace and satisfied in each Present, and inviting the new Being to learn to Live Completely.

In this Monographic we will review how Satisfied our Sensitivity is accompanied by Us, and we will order how to offer ourselves and offer a Complete Space to each Being in the Accompaniment experience.


The Love in our Lives is like the water of the river that unites us to our family system, water that comes to us from the past and we can take towards our future and that of our children, just like our (m) parents they also received it from their own. The more flow we can receive from the past with acceptance and gratitude, the more flow of Love we will have available to share and deliver to our children.

In this Monograph we will review our willingness to receive from our ancestors, and we will accompany our models to establish a personal nutrition model of peace, trust and gratitude with Life, in order to nurture and recognize our children with presence, abundance and fertility.


The relationship that exists between our Sensitivity and our Adult Consciousness is similar to the relationship between Water and the Vase that holds it. The water will mold itself depending on the shape of the vase: depending on the shape of the thoughts we create, we generate a way of feeling. In the case of the children, up to the age of 7, they allow themselves to be held like water inside our vase, while they build their own mold that will hold them in the future. So that their feelings are a great reflection of Us, and we continue to have great power to transform in us what causes the discomfort that they feel in them.

When we understand this, we understand that everything we feel is in our hands, and that what our children feel is intimately linked to what we feel and it is also in our hands to mold it into us, creating a path of development and well-being for everyone.

In this Monographic we will reconnect with the ability to See Ourselves, also through our children,  and our Power to Take Responsibility for Us and what We Share with them, Training ourselves to Mold ourselves towards our maximum comfort within Nosotr@s  y from the comfort of Our Children, sustained by Nosotr@s with all their dedication and trust.

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