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The MACMA Family Constellations monographic workshops allow a group of people to come together to work as a group on a topic of common interest. Each person will have the opportunity to expand and develop their tools for managing their issue from practical and emotional health, being able to take advantage of the resources as a human group for the benefit of each participant.

In a group workshop, the same tools are used as in an individualized personal session: the set of techniques and knowledge that make up the MACMA Method (family constellations, NLP, emotional kinesiology, biological deprogramming, MHA, together with to different cross-cultural philosophical and therapeutic currents for a holistic understanding of Being, beyond the perspective limits of our social and cultural environment.

The added factor provided by the group format is the experience of belonging, equality and greater clarity of perspective of our situation. By uniting a group of people through a topic of common demand, we come into contact with a group of affinity and empathy that will allow us to have greater strength and clarity to transform our topic of interest. And at the same time it allows us to anchor the experience of self-love and legitimacy of sharing, just as we are, with others.


Belonging, equality and clarity.

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