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Beyond the chosen techniques, the Therapist as a Person is the most important health-generating instrument for the client, since their fields will communicate due to the effect of Mirror Neurons. With this Module you will establish the Reconnection to your Integral Health Field.


Optimize your Unique Gifts as a Being and your Therapeutic Power

MACMA1: Comprehensive development of the Person of the Therapist. May your personal state enhance your work

“It is demonstrated time after time that the only source of Health is that each one take their space of Complete Responsibility in the Care of their Life, and since as it is inside so it is outside, only by occupying this place in me will I be able to inspire the client to find it internally in him.” (María Escobedo Salvadó, 2017)

The fluidity of life and health will open through the therapist and will reach the client through the field that we open of honesty with ourselves. From our "love" and acceptance of our own vital process, we will be able to live in maximum coherence between what we Feel (which we will name in this process "Essence"), what we Think (which we will name "Consciousness") and what we Do and Say (which we will call "Creative Power"). In this phenomenon, our own field of Love, Consciousness and Creative Power remain open at the service of the Care of our Essence and, in contact with the client, serves by resonance to the opening and elevation of Love, Consciousness and the Creative Power of the client at the service of caring for their own Essential Being.

In the MACMA 1 Module, we will fine-tune these elements: "Love", "Essence", "Creative Power", "Consciousness" and we will introduce the element "Intuition", necessary for the success of the therapeutic work. All, innate resources in each participant, although for various reasons some cease to be available throughout our vital process. We will review for each participant the state of each one of these elements and we will accompany them in their reintegration until harmonizing the relationship between the five elements, so that they will provide us with the experience of feeling lovingly Integrated and Integrative, Cared for in our Essence, Empowered, Lucid, and Intuitive, for our Lives and for our Therapeutic Work, in which we will represent a positive influence in the client's alignment with their own Self-Care and Self-Empowerment resources.


Learn how to maintain your Internal Well-being. Without getting tired, set limits, put power in or out.

Guaranteed Personal Evolution Process that will inevitably stimulate the evolution of your customers in their interaction.

And once you as a person are ready, you can access MACMA 2 where you can learn a Constant Self-Supervision Tool for yourself, which you will have experienced in MACMA 1 in the fine-tuning of your Gifts.


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Family constellations are a technique that has revealed to us some orders to take care of in family and human relationships to satisfy and nurture all those involved. Love intuitively leads us to maintain these orders in relationships, it allows us to go beyond the unsatisfactory patterns that have been maintained, as a result of early experiences or cultural and family inheritance. In this monograph we will learn about these orders, we will review the models of early relationships that we have incorporated, helping them align with the necessary orders to restore peace and nutrition in these relationships, which we later create from our incorporated patterns.


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In childhood we received what our parents and guardians could offer. They go to meet our needs as they could, some may not have been met. We can remain in the feeling of lack that this can generate, or we can cause dissatisfaction to drive us to take over, to become the adults we need and deserve. Well, inside we are a whole family, with the gifts of recognition of a father, of love of a mother, at the same time as we continue to be an innocent and vulnerable child who needs to receive all this information at his service. In this monograph we will review the relationship between these two interns and we will accompany them to integrate them together, from where they can face Life, Integrity, empowered, with self-love and full.



In relationships of equals, we are all children of the same Life, bursting from it the mirror of how each one takes care of himself, so that we learn to accompany each other well, while others are learning the same. From here we can relate to each other by taking their own power. respecting the power, path and learning of others. We will review the patterns in our horizontal relationships, both with friends and with brothers, we will accompany them to find the positions that provide peace, well-being and optimal strength for all participants.


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Intimacy relationships combine the reopening of the feelings experienced in our early experiences of family intimacy, together with the learning of horizontal adult relationships. In this monograph we will review how we have learned to relate in intimate relationships, as a result of our early experiences, as an inheritance from our culture, the patterns inherited from our family systems. We will identify and release the anchored patterns that disharmony our intimate relationships. We will seek and integrate new models of SATISFACTION, SHARED HARMONY and LOVE from which to build sustainable and nutritious relationships over time.



We can say that a child needs an adult like something needs a container to be held. Due to this relationship, the fila will shape its vitality, feelings and behaviors according to the shape of the container that we offer it, according to the way in which we hold our own waters, firstly within us. Our style of accompaniment towards Life, inside and outside our body, has been created as a set of our personal experience, together with integrated family and cultural patterns. In this monographic we will explore these patterns and we will accompany them to find the place of strength and satisfaction for all those involved, the Accompanied and Accompanying people.


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Our Mind and higher functions are like our Internal Father. The structural functions that can sustain, protect and accompany to develop the path of the Being or Inner Child. As the bed of a river supports, it contains the water of the river, making its development possible. The capacity for Perception, Learning, Recognition, Presence, Translation of our feelings into Words, Decisions and Acts. In a car they would be like the maps, the GPS, and the structure capable of materializing the trip chosen by the Being. In this monograph we will review and align these structural capacities and the present attention capacity, for the satisfactory communication and execution between what is needed the Being and the internal and external resources available at each moment. We will also harmonize the availability of the masculine gifts of the world, to sustain us and support us. Taking our natural site as Social Beings, Cooperatives and Children of the World.


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The center of the body's electromagnetic function is located in the scourge of the Heart, a layer of nourishing it with energy, and of interacting with the other fields in circudans, being able to discern the point of balance between them at all times, from where to care for one's own space. , respecting them in addition, sharing in reciprocity between them. According to the measure with which we respect these balances in our actions, we create a quality of vibration, which will generate a response by resonance from external fields. In the example of the car, the Love and energy of this electromagnetic field would be the fuel of the car. And in the 'example of the river' it would be the river water that allows the nutrition, life and path of the fish. In this monograph we will explore the state of the relationship between these capacities for relational fluidity, balance and nutrition, and their orientation towards caring for and prioritizing our Being, in respect and reciprocity with others. We will accompany the satisfactory integration of these therefore, the opening of its full potential and we will harmonize the relationship between our personal space and the reception of terrestrial electromagnetic fields, which, beyond our own field, like a present mother, always nourishes and sustains us.


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The power of realization, in the example of the car, would be like the car keys. I can have all the energy of Love available in my Heart, all the GPS maps available in my Mind to find the path chosen by my Being. But they are of no use to me if I do not have the car keys to be able to activate all these resources and be able to move forward Sometimes we have offered them to another believer who needed them more, or we have believed that another would lead us without needing to lead ourselves. In this monograph we will review how we have oriented our Personal Power of Action, we will align it to the service of accompanying and prioritizing the path of our Being.


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Culturally we have interpreted that what represented us as Sers was our character. There is a part of the character that are patterns anchored by cultural heritage, family and personal experiences. If we identify ourselves, we anchor these patterns, we limit them to being flexible and transformable, but if we identify with the vital impulse that is beyond these patterns, we will be able to thank the patterns as a livelihood but we will be able to transform them for our own benefit, thanks to supporting our identity. in a space outside of them. In this monograph we will make visible the patterns that have helped us sustain it for the purposes of the present, while we will take a journey to recognize ourselves beyond these patterns, as Complett, Changing Beings with Inside available to nurture our relationships, but a lot of Freedom to Dream Build the Lives We Desire.

What do the participants think?


Lídia, psychologist

"To start at the beginning, I'll tell you that I started the workshop with distrust, very forewarned. On the one hand, I trusted in the usefulness of the tool because I knew it and had experienced it through you, but I refused to incorporate it into my life from me, making autonomous use of it. The truth is that I thought I would go crazy... And for me it has been much more than learning the use of testing, incorporating it into my life has been a journey of self-knowledge, of relocating myself in the world, and how I already told you, to recognize myself as part of something infinitely larger and at the same time to recognize myself, to be autonomous in a deep connection with all the beings that surround me. I feel that the old structures have been broken, the old schemes from which that I had learned to support myself, to move through life from fear, rationalization, external attention and compensation for deficiencies. And in this process I feel that the time and your accompaniment were sufficient, fair and respectful."
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