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Self Growth

Relationships are a place to share what we have, not where to find what we lack.

The first thing is to feel full, if I have difficulties taking care of myself and being satisfied within myself, I will look to the other to solve my difficulties or fill my satisfactions. I will not be able to share fullness with others, I will share lack, fear and dependency.

Sometimes we also feel empowered and satisfied being alone, but when we enter into a relationship, behavior patterns open up that take us out of this place of well-being and weaken us. We feel love with the other person, but we cannot find how to live this love without losing the well-being we had alone.​


Life Harmony

Process of 9 monographs over 9 months, with which we will take a journey harmonizing all our ties, and we will learn how to maintain and feed them for maximum well-being, for ourselves and the people with whom we share our lives.

MACMA self-application

This Training will bring benefits to all your relationships, with you and in your relationships, as a Mother/Father, and in your relationship as a couple, we encourage you to share it with us.

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Why Naturopathy

Review and Acknowledge

Review the relationship models incorporated and development of the model desired and chosen by each person. Recognize the dynamics that strengthen and weaken the person and their relationships, providing maximum clarity and knowledge to keep their relationship with others fertile and healthy.


Establish a personal balance, a source of peace and harmony with ourselves and with the people with whom we choose to share life.


Harmonize your own inherited and created dynamics on how to feel life, money, work, health, relationships... finding the place from which to live them, share and give with the maximum abundance and fulfillment.


Provide the person with complete resolution resources for their situations of emotional difficulty. Provide the person with a tool to independently generate a personal process of self-development and self-realization for all the areas of their life that they want.

Expansion of Love

Contribute a process of expansion of the love of each participant with himself and by resonance with the people with whom he can share it.

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