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For me and my relationships


Each Being is Unique and Complete since it was born. When we become so close to another person, a readjustment of the shared balance appears, a new Doing, a new Loving and a new Understanding Together are created. In this movement, if each One does not continue to give themselves a space and a Complet@s legitimacy, in the long run, for this person the New Balance Together will become unsustainable, and they will feel the irrepressible need to march, despite the Love Shared. And so over and over again until he manages to recognize himself Complete @ within a Relationship. Sharing from our differences as Complete Beings, with Equal Value.

In this Monographic we will review how we give ourselves a Complete space within Our Relationships and we will move to Recover it, so that it is the fertile base of Well-being in all Our Relationships.


Relationships are a place to Share the Love that We Have in Nosotr@s, not where to Find the Love that we lack. The second never works, the link runs out and dies. The Love that We Have is the Love that we have learned to give ourselves, through the Love that we have learned to receive from our family systems, our caregivers, and in all our subsequent relationships. Each One Nurtures the Bond by sharing what is given to Himself. If we Love each other, we will share Love, if we need the other's gaze, we will offer feelings of Lack in the couple, if we are afraid of not having the other's gaze, we will offer Fear of the Relationship, and we will malnourish it, possibly until it the Bond of Love runs out and may die.

In this Monograph we will review how we learned to love each other in our family systems. Due to inertia, it is the model that we tend to repeat if we do not give it a new conscious look. They shared with us as far as they had and knew, and it was complete so that we could exist, but it is in our hands to improve this model of Love, Nutrition and Recognition towards Us, now from Us, and we have the possibility of Sharing it and Fertilizing Even More our Love Relationships.


No one has any power over us that we are not giving them. Our Power to decide and take care of our space is always Complete. Sometimes we learned models in which this power was given out of gratitude, it was attributed to others out of insecurity, it was given out of comfort, it was renounced out of loyalty... From all these models, the Sensitive Being that we carry inside feels Helpless and begins to connect with the fear of not surviving, the need to control someone to take care of him... and this occupies all his energy, not being able to dedicate it simply to Being, from the Lightness and Confidence of always being taken care of. The only person who can offer our Sensitivity this Complete Care is Us, since we are the only Look that can be connected to all our Deep Feeling, and present 24 hours. When Each One @ covers this Responsibility with Himself, they can Share with the other person from a Provided and Comfortable place, and not from Lack and Necessity. This state of internal calm translates into Self-confidence, Peace and Love, which will be the feelings that we can share about ourselves in our privacy.

In this Monographic we will review how we manage in our Links our Power to Care and Take Responsibility for Ourselves, and we will accompany it until we find a state of Complete Self-Empowerment, being able to Accompany and maintain Care for Everything We Feel in our Lives and all Our Relationships .

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