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In a personalized individual session, we unite all the techniques and knowledge that make up the MACMA Method, in the most optimized way to respond to the specific demand of the applicant.

Aimed at: 

-When a topic makes us suffer repeatedly 

-When we feel weakened in some specific aspect of life 

-When we lack clarity in our own experiences and feelings 

-When we experience difficulties in personal relationships 

-When we feel difficulties in achieving a personal goal 


The strategy from which we accompany the applicant is looking for the set of roots that have generated the discomfort or limitation experienced by the person, in the personal or relational area of life that they want to address. 


The intervention is very effective and root, so that the results are immediate and permanent once all the roots of information that unconsciously sustained the conflict or limitation have been addressed, and have been resignified. 


The estimated duration to complete the resolution process of an EMOTIONAL or RELATIONAL demand is usually between one and three sessions. In the event that the conflict has come to manifest itself on the PHYSICAL plane, with each person it is necessary to explore their case independently and the evolution and resolution time is more uncertain, but the high degree of plasticity that bodies manifest when they are You can access to reprogram, from its root, the information that originated and sustained the symptomatology in question. 


The sessions last for an hour and a half, and from the beginning to the end. For this task, the person is accompanied by the psychotherapist, who takes responsibility for contributing all the resources at her disposal to reach the objective set by the requesting person. ; as well as providing a protected context of respect, trust, health and acceptance, suitable for the person to optimize their healthy development towards the discovery and integration of their full potential, their well-being, their clarity, and their empowerment with themselves.


Well-being, clarity and empowerment.

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